TSD stands for – Time Speed DistanceNavigation is an integral part of a TSD rally. The route for the course is a secret and you have to use the road book to reach the end. During the course, a speed limit is imposed in different parts that needs to be adhered strictly. Along the way, secret checkpoints note the time and then compute whether you are driving fast or slow. Penalty points are applied accordingly. Penalties for going faster than the stipulated time are double than going slower. The route is covered by the crew to calculate the ideal time. The penalties are minimum for times matching the ideal time.

What's Involved ?

Primarily, the rally crew consists of a driver and co-driver inside the car. Their responsibilities are described by their designation itself. The driver’s primary responsibility is to drive as per instructions from the co-driver/navigator. Apart from just driving, the driver must also give feedback to the navigator on the route.Reason being that the navigator barely gets any time to look up from road book, calculator etc.

Learning Objectives

  • Listening Skills
  • Importance of taking feedback
  • Pacing up & down your speed depending upon your goal
  • Honoring different opinions
  • Performing under pressure
  • Avoid following competition