When it comes to pure power and sheer exhilaration, you can’t beat a course in an Off-road vehicle. A 4×4 off road driving activity is sure to send the adrenaline levels of the participants into orbit! It’s brilliant for team building.Teams will need to use their creative thinking, communication, cooperation and motor skills to conquer the unexpected challenges thrown in their path by a challenging course that features everything from deep mud water , steep inclines and tight turns.

What's Involved ?

Off road driving involves a lot of coordination between the driver and the navigator. It is a classic example of how there is coordination between the Team leader and it’s team.
After getting familiar with the 4×4 off road vehicle and understanding all the instructions given by our 4×4 expert, the participants will be asked to complete a circuit of offroad challenges. That is where they get to learn so many different things about themselves.

Learning Objectives

  • Hone problem solving skills
  • Boost team morale
  • Employee motivation and retention
  • Encourage a dysfunctional team to work together in harmony
  • Improve listening and communication skills