There’s no better way to illustrate the true value of team work, collaboration and communication than Blindfold Driving! A true test of trust and skill, this team building challenge involves a blindfolded driver taking a round of a carefully marked track, using only the verbal instructions supplied by the navigators. A real brain twister, blindfold driving will scramble your sense of direction big time! When you’re driving minus your sense of sight, simple directions suddenly get confusing.

What's Involved ?

The driver will be fully blindfolded and seated at the controls of the car. It’s a pretty disorienting experience so the navigator will need to provide crystal clear directions and instruction to steer the driver in the right direction.

To make things even more challenging, we have added some secret “twists”, which always produces hilarious results!

Learning Objectives

  • Improve verbal communication skills
  • Break down barriers and bond as a team
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Take teams out of their comfort zone
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback